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yayaq™-The high-end drape long skirt

yayaq™-The high-end drape long skirt

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The high-end drape long skirt is a long skirt with a high-end and drape effect. Its design and fabric make it appear smooth and elegant when worn.

This kind of long skirt is usually made of light and soft fabrics, such as silk, chiffon or lace, which have a good drape and can create a flowing effect around the body. This fluidity makes the skirt more dynamic when walking or the wind blows, adding elegance and charm to the overall shape.

Premium drape maxi skirts are often cut in a slim fit to show off a woman's curves

This maxi dress can be paired with high heels or stiletto sandals, with simple yet sophisticated accessories such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets to add a high-end feel to the overall look. You can also choose different colors and patterns according to your needs to show your personal style and taste.

In general, the advanced drape long skirt is a fashionable and elegant clothing choice, suitable for various formal occasions, allowing you to show a sense of sophistication and confidence.

Size chart

Size, CM Size Length Waist Hips
S S 100 64 91
M M 101 68 95
L L 102 72 99


Size, IN Size Length Waist Hips
S S 39.37 25.20 35.83
M M 39.76 26.77 37.40
L L 40.16 28.35 38.98


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