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yayaq™-Extreme Sexy: Sexy Minimalist Suspender Dress

yayaq™-Extreme Sexy: Sexy Minimalist Suspender Dress

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The sexy and fashionable dress in "Extreme Sexy: Sexy Minimalist Suspender Dress"  will bring you the fiery temptation of summer. Simple yet sexy, this mini skirt will make you the center of attention at parties and evening events.

This dress is designed with a V-neck halter neck, highlighting the charming collarbone and neckline, making you exude sexy and elegant atmosphere. The off-the-shoulder design shows off your alluring skin while adding a touch of mystery.

Mini skirts are just the right length to show off your legs and keep you relaxed and comfortable on hot nights.

"Extreme Sexy: Sexy Minimalist Suspenders" is suitable for various social occasions, such as parties, nightclubs or dates. It's designed to flatter your figure, exuding confidence and sensuality.

Paired with high heels, sparkly accessories and a stylish hairstyle, this little tutu will make you the life of the party. Whether dancing or enjoying a night out with friends, you exude irresistible charm.



Size Chart:

Size Female chest circumference Women's waist circumference Female hip circumference Skirt length
XS 29.13-33.07 22.05-24.41 31.50-35.43 24.80
S 30.71-34.65 23.62-25.98 33.07-37.01 25.20
M 32.28-36.22 25.20-27.56 34.65-38.58 25.59
L 33.86-37.80 26.77-29.13 36.22-40.16 25.98
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